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To the General Headquarters of WSO is established Special Department for searching and return of all veterans missing during action or vanished without a trace. The department unifies the relatives of the missing persons and it deals with international operations on the searching of kidnapped by terrorists citizens or missing journalists. The Department conducts negotiations and/or operations on their release.

WSO seeks volunteers from the Special Units in order to join the hit squad of WSO and participate in the actual rescuing of hostages taken by terrorists in different countries worldwide.

Any persons/organizations/institutions that are aware or dispose of information about individuals who are missing or vanished without a trace, may apply directly to the General Headquarters of WSO and send information to: E-mail:

The Operative Subdivision of WSO accepts information about WANTED CRIMINALS WORLDWIDE and assists the Law Enforcement Bodies all over the world in the tracing and collection of information that might lead to the capture and prosecution of the wanted criminals!

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