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Services provided by the Regional Subdivisions and members of the World Security Organization in different countries around the world



International Investigations

The members of WSO worldwide accomplish complex social, criminal, financial, economic, political and trade investigations of:

        Bank, industrial, insurance and credit cards frauds, computer and cyber crimes

        Due diligence

        Background and pre-employment checks

        Industrial accidents; sea, air and other emergencies; natural and ecological catastrophes

        Money laundering and tax concealment

        Criminal and terrorist threats

        Pressure and threats on the side of competitors

The members of WSO trace worldwide persons hiding from the Justice, military and other criminals, debtors, bank accounts and illegally transferred sums, disloyal partners, missing or kidnapped persons.

The experts of WSO, who work in specialized centers and laboratories are able to carry out any kind of high-tech investigations, researches and checks regardless of their complexity.

Full Security and Protection World Wide Services:

        High-qualified and high-tech protection of the client, his family and associates.

        Operative-informational securing (escorting) and protection of the life, family, business and partners of the client.

        Total control and protection of the communications, databases, business, offices, houses of the clients against unauthorized access and industrial espionage.

        Background check of the staff and providing high-qualified specialists form all over the world, able to realize the business strategies of the client in a competitive environment.

        Realization of a package (combination) of active counter-intelligence and misinforming undertakings for neutralization of the industrial espionage on the part of the competitors.

        Assessment of the level of risk, and constant legal analysis of the business and contracts of the client, in order to provide him with sole advantage and guarantee him the winning of eventual future lawsuits.

        Providing anticipated information and analysis of the forthcoming political, economic, trade, financial and judicial changes worldwide, which guarantees the client the opportunity for successful strategic business planning.

        Working out plans for action and protection of the client in case of crisis situations (wars, disasters, mass riots, coups d'etat, etc.), and their realization, if necessary.

        Elaboration and realization of a plan for positive media and public relations strategy, worldwide, and mostly in the regions where the main activity of the client is settled.

        Anticipated neutralization of criminal and terrorist threats against the business and life of the client.

        Neutralization of unlawful administrative, tax, police, judicial, etc. bureaucratic pressure against the interests of the client in the countries of Eastern Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America.

        Lobbying in favor of the business expansion of the client through the world network of veterans and professionals, members of WSO; assistance in providing new markets and expansion of the existing ones.

        Checking the reliability of the partners, regulation of the relations with disloyal partners and assistance in debt collection.

        Providing the best professionally trained and checked staff for the personal needs of the client (physicians, pilots, drivers, cooks, administration staff, photographer and press-secretary, teachers for his children, domestics, personal guards, family lawyer).

        Assistance in re-structuring the business of the client, increasing the efficiency and profits, and reducing the expenses and losses.

        Professional and confidential solving of the personal problems of the client, his family and partners.

        Increasing the efficiency of the staff of the client through carrying out re-qualification and training courses for survival and anti-stress in the World Training Center of WSO in California, USA, or in training bases in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Israel.

        Assistance in the establishment of an effective corporate security service of the client, training and management of the staff in operative interaction with the General Headquarters of WSO. 

Through its world network of veterans and professionals the World Security Organization provides full complex security services for banks, insurance companies, transnational corporations; oil, gas, power, and mining companies; production, trade and financial companies; religious organizations; State leaders and royal families; VIPs and celebrities.  

Additional International Special Support

        Private Military Consultancy  and Personnel

        Special Operations Support

        Organizational, Operational, and Logistical assistance;

        Special Equipment Supply

        Landmine Crisis Removal

        Special Operation Forces Instructors and Training

        International Humanitarian Operations and Rescue Missions

        Intelligence Personnel, Management and Support


Strategic Business Planning and Risk Management Service:

        Development and realization of special programs for global business expansion of strategic partners, members and donors.

        Global protection of the communications and computers from unsolicited access, hackers attacks and information terrorism.

        Construction of protective computer lines and anti-virus protection.

        Development of special computer programs and products for the needs of our strategic partners.

        Development of new Web design and psychological analyze of the presented information using the latest technologies for neuroliguistics-NLP and methadynamic-MDP programming.

        Providing global risk and lobby management to the partners in all countries worldwide.

        Providing of high-qualified key management staff, new inventions, technologies and training programs for the partners.

        Development and realization of individual programs for global restructuring, decrease of annual expenses and increase of the profits.

        Development and realization of special programs for making easier merging, anti-trust and anti-monopoly protection of the strategic partners and donors.

        Realization of special programs for high-tech and non-traditional treatment of the staff of our strategic partners, increasing their working ability, physical and mental harmony.

        Development and realization of global marketing and advertisement campaigns in favor of our partners.

        Providing of world monthly risk and investment analysis and advance information for all forthcoming tenders and competitions.

        Anticipated neutralization of criminal and terrorist threats and industrial espionage.

        Legal, physical, and administrative protection.


World Anti-Crisis Center (WACC - WSO)

WACC accomplishes operations for release of hostages, rescue and humanitarian missions, operations for neutralization of criminal and terrorist threats and leaders; operations for checking the security, protection, and access control of nuclear power-stations, corporations, military bases, state and governmental objects; de-mining operations in zones of regional conflicts; disarmament of illigal armed formations and private militias, criminal and terrorist groups.


Special Training Department WSO - based in California, USA

The Department trains officers of the law enforcement agencies from all countries in the world, the services for fight against terrorism and organized crime, officers of the tax police, judges, prosecutors, the services for protection of State Heads and governmental officials, penitentiary officers, corporate security services, the staff of security companies, private and corporate students, bodyguards, officers and volunteers of international humanitarian and religious organizations, correspondents and journalists working in the regions of local military conflicts, scouts, employees of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.


Services for business structures, companies and corporations

-         transnational companies;

-         branch companies;

-         regional companies;

-         specialized companies.


Personnel audit


For Mass media


For Governments