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According to the Statute of the WORLD SECURITY ORGANIZATION - WSO:

"Associate Members can be all associations, unions, federations, organizations, and companies at the recommendation of three of the Founders and personally of the President, Vice President or the Regional Director of WSO, that pass through all verifications.".

"After they are accepted as Associate Members, they will have opportunity for:
- access to information which is collected and distributed by WSO;
- right of deliberative vote;
- right to receive forestalling confidential economic information about the consumers and producers worldwide;
- right to receive complex orders that are given by other Associate Members, and reassigned by the General Headquarters of WSO;
- right of access to economic information about profitable economic and financial operations in each part of the world, which he gives to the business structures that are under his protection;
- right to receive regularly bulletins about criminality or other kind of world information published by WSO;
- right for participation in economic and other operations together with other members of WSO;
- right at the recommendation of the President of the World Security Organization for joining other international organization with which WSO co-operates".
- right to be protected and supported by all Regional Structures of WSO worldwide from illegal pressure in his country;
- right to participate in all operations and programs of WSO;
- right to receive physical, juridical and technical assistance in case of criminal extortion over him by the criminal structures in his region;
- right to send information into the data bank of WSO, about the criminal groupings in his region, in order their acts to be traced out by other Regional Directors in their countries, and if necessary Special Units for assistance to be sent there so to be aware of the operative situation in this region;
- right to send information about the business structures working under his protection in order to include them in the WORLD INFORMATION-INVESTMENT NETWORK."

Who may become Associate Member of WSO and How to Benefit from the Associating with WSO?

All veterans of the special services and special counter-terror subdivisions, services for fight against organized crime, terror, narco-business, fundamentalism, veterans from the military intelligence and counter-intelligence, unions of detectives, lawyers, bodyguards, sport assault federations, veterans of the special subdivisions of Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense - air and landing troops, marine infantry, etc., developing and realizing programs or products in the field of personal, public and business security who wish to join WSO as Associate Members, and companies, business structures, banks, insurance companies and bank security services that wish to become Economic Associate Members of the World Security Organization as well as all funds, associations, foundations and persons that wish to make donations, may apply directly to the General Headquarters of World Security Organization.

Through its Regional Subdivisions all over the world, WSO conducts for its Economically Associate Members /EAM/ :

- check of partners;
- finding and re-establishment of markets and contacts with reliable partners;
- seeking of investors;
- providing the necessary resources and equipment;
- finding of producers of the required equipment and raw materials and check of their reliability;
- special program for guaranteeing the mutual supplies and payments;
- organizing the rest and tourism of the managers and employees from enterprises, companies and business structures;
- debt collection from disloyal partners.

Advantages for the Economically Associate Members

- the operations in debt collection from foreign partners are conducted only by the Regional Subdivisions of WSO, which have the necessary database and are legitimate in their country. This way the EAM gain promptness, effectiveness and first of all legitimateness in the execution of the problems;

- the EAM are taking the privilege that the fee they have to pay to the Regional Subdivisions of WSO is 1% from the amount of the claim /but not less than $3 000/ as prepayment and 35% of each collected amount, when at the same time for the other clients these fees are respectively 10% and 40%;

- EAM work without mediators.

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